Restaurant KAI 3 – Feel the Passion

We cook with the tastiest seasonal products, which we present in a lovely, contemporary style in it’s perfect degree of ripeness. Our ingredients are supplied by Northern Germany’s and Scandinavia’s best producers and farmers. The direct link and close relation to our suppliers is crucial to us – hence, we do not want to tell you stories about our dishes, but rather prefer to work with the products in a sustainable manner to a high degree.

Next to dry aged meat and uncommon fish specialties from Danish waters, our Executive Chef Jens Rittmeyer and his team prefer to work with vegetables that are grown with lots of passion by mostly certified organic producers. Therefore, we pay special attention on choosing the right products: We continuously check the quality of the produce on the fields. Since we think that the taste of those historic vegetables is extraordinary, we would like to prepare them sustainably and creatively to value them which they undoubtedly deserve.


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We all are there to offer you an unforgettable experience with lots of happiness and passion and we are very much looking forward welcoming you.

Since November 2011, the Guide Michelin awarded Restaurant KAI 3 with one star. Moreover, it has been voted hotel restaurant of the year in Northern Germany in 2012.



Opening hours:
Breakfast daily from 7 am – 12 am
Evening from 6.30 am – 10 am
Days off: Wednesday / Thursday